Two Wheelers

I went into two bike shops in Georgetown thinking, why are bikes these days so UGLY?!  I dislike the fat tubes/frame.  Then I flipped through the Trek catalog and came across a beautiful vintage-inspired bike, the Belleville!  A search online brought me to  Can’t say I care much about the eco-friendliness of the bike’s materials, but the type of bikes on the website definitely were more to my taste (though not price range) like the Civia Loring.  Well, it could have larger tires, but I heart the wooden fenders.  Btw, Trek has a GORGEOUS catalog of all these DC trails and sites.  Do they print catalogs for specific regions?!

Funny thing is, when I was a kid, I hated the idea of a city bike, curved handlebars, fenders covering the smooth thinner tires, and a low step-through frame.  They look dorky! I complained to my parents when they bought one for me in Japan.  How could I possibly ride that thing to school? All the American kids had their mountain bikes, much like my old one.  However, I got over it, and realized city bikes were all that was available in Japan, and I could give TWO of my friends a lift on the back of the bike.  Good times on that bike.


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